New Jeep JL hood lock with grille insert

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BOLT Lock has brought a new innovative hood lock for the Jeep Wrangler JL to the company’s line of “Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology” products.

Due to popular demand from Jeep owners, BOLT Lock created this hood lock which allows for the lock to be left in either the locked or unlocked position. 
The BOLT Jeep JL Hood Lock includes a new grille insert for the Jeep JL which replaces the OEM stock mesh grille. Simply remove the original grille and use the existing slots to affix the BOLT grille.

BOLT’s grille pops directly into the slots for a quick and easy tool-free installation. A replacement grille is provided to ensure a stock look while still providing access to the hood lock. The hood lock is riveted to the front cross member of the Jeep and prevents the theft of anything under the hood of the vehicle by locking the hood completely.

Designed specifically to fit the ignition key of the Jeep JL, this new hood lock is an advancement of the hood lock created for the Jeep Wrangler JK models in that the ignition key can be removed from the lock in both the locked and unlocked positions. Jeep owners can now keep the hood unlocked when driving the vehicle, allowing for easy access to under the hood when necessary. 

Each BOLT lock is designed with patented technology which allows the lock to be permanently programmed to the vehicle’s ignition key upon first insertion and rotation. Using specialized spring-loaded tumblers which move up and down to uniquely code the cylinder to that specific key, BOLT locks are tamper resistant and resist picking and bumping. The weather proof locks are protected from the elements to guarantee longevity.

“At BOLT Lock, we listen to our customers and what they want from our products. When the Jeep JL was released, we knew our customers wanted to be able to have the ability to keep the hood lock unlocked when the key is removed, so we adapted the technology of our JK hood locks in order to allow for this,” said Jason Buckles, Sales Account Manager for BOLT Lock. 

The new Jeep JL Hood Lock is the first of many BOLT locks created specifically to fit the JL ignition key. Other Jeep JL options include Receiver Locks, Coupler Pin Locks, Cable Locks and Off-Vehicle Coupler Locks.

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