Making a Good Impression

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As important as your role to the jobber, and the client if your approach is successful, there are times when you will be viewed as a distraction.
You approach to a client call can make all the difference.

1. Always approach your clients place of business with respect. Enter through the front door and wait to be seen.
2. Make an appointment.
3. Understand that seeing you may not be the client’s priority and you may have to wait.
4. If customer parking is limited, try to park away from the client, or in the back lot.
5. If you do have to wait, don’t block the front counter from customers.
6. Do not necessarily show up with a box of donuts. If you want to, ask the owner if it’s okay. He may not like the idea of staff taking an impromptu break.
7. If you do have to wait, make use of your time: look around to see if there’s any useful insights you can learn about the shop’s needs.
8. If you have a specific issue to address on your call, be fully informed and prepared to resolve the issue.
9. It is okay to admit mistakes, but be supportive of store staff. Throwing a staffer under the bus, even for a major error, is bad form.
10. Do not engage in trashing other shops, even if the client does.


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