MAHLE Motorsport intros a new application guide 

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MAHLE Motorsport has announced the release of its new 2023 Porsche Application Guide.

MAHLE Motorsport announces the 2023 Porsche Application Guide.

The guide offers a complete listing of all Porsche-specific piston kits, offered applications, and features user-friendly sections of Water-Cooled and Air-Cooled listings subdivided based on engine size and application.

MAHLE’s machine-forged Porsche pistons have lightweight slipper skirts to reduce friction and are dual-coated with Phosphate and MAHLE’s proprietary GRAFAL skirt coating to reduce drag, wear, and noise. Piston kits include performance ring sets made from durable materials that are designed to provide consistent contact with the cylinders resulting in increased sealing and oil control.

The cylinders included in the air-cooled kits are machined to OE tolerances and designed to increase performance and longevity. Some applications are available as either a slip-in or machine-in design.

The slip-in cylinders are simply a larger internal bore replacement. The machine-in cylinders require the engine cases to be machined to a larger bore diameter to accept their larger spigot diameter.

The larger spigot diameter is preferable for extreme applications as with highly boosted turbo or competition-use engines.

The guide also includes final assembly tech tips and ring gap recommendations.

To download the 2023 Porsche Application Guide click here

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