MAHLE announces transfer of Behr Hella Service activities

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Following the acquisition of the entire shareholding in Behr Hella Service (BHS) by MAHLE Aftermarket, all existing BHS activities were transferred to MAHLE as of January 1, 2020.

The new logistics centre in Wrocław, Poland, the future hub for thermal management products for passenger cars, trucks, agricultural vehicles, and construction machines, is currently being filled. This will allow MAHLE to ensure a high level of availability as well as short delivery times and respond flexibly to rising volumes.

The MAHLE Aftermarket logistics centers in the USA, Germany, the UK, Spain, France, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, and China are also equipped and ready for orders.With its expanded thermal management portfolio, MAHLE is positioning itself more broadly with regard to the increasingly important e-mobility market in particular.

Thermal management is, after all, a central prerequisite for the reliable operation of electrically powered vehicles.

“Our customers recognize the value of thermal management products for proper electric vehicle performance,” said Jon Douglas, President, MAHLE Aftermarket North America. “Service and repair facilities are aware of the challenges they face from the mobility transformation and the diversity of new technologies, and they are looking to us for support and training. We will strive to provide fast and reliable diagnostic and service solutions, information, and, of course, replacement parts,” continued Douglas.

In order to assist service centers with regard to the new thermal management products, MAHLE Aftermarket also offers specific training and makes repair and maintenance information (RMI) available on its diagnostics tools and service equipment. MAHLE is thereby positioning itself as a solutions provider and future-proof partner for technicians. 

Current customers of BHS can order the products using existing part numbers, even after January 1, 2020.

The part numbers will remain in place throughout a transition period, while MAHLE part numbers are implemented in parallel. 



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