KYB to supply Volkswagen Group with electronically controlled shocks

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Electronically controlled shock absorbers from KYB Corporation have been adopted by Volkswagen Group to equip models with the new DCC Pro (Dynamics Chassis Control Pro).

The introduction into the market is scheduled during the first quarter of 2024. Models include Tiguan, Passat Variant, SKODA Superb and Kodiaq.

DCC Pro systems use double valve shock absorbers to independently control the extension and compression oscillations.

These valves react to road conditions and driving situations in a few milliseconds.

The ECU activates the respective extension and compression solenoids to adjust independently the internal pressure of the shock absorber to suit road conditions and the driver’s preference (from comfortable to very sporty).

The damping characteristics are automatically adjusted in a continuous way, which in conjunction with the full independence between extension and compression movements, brings the vehicle comfort and control to the highest level. This provides safe, dynamic maneuverability and an unprecedented ‘flying carpet’ ride experience.

KYB and the VW Group have been working together for several years, including the Audi RS suspension, and since then have co-operated extensively for the VW brand.

This new development is part of KYB’s policy to further strengthen its partnership with the German car manufacturer. The hard development and validation process engineered between KYB and Volkswagen teams has made it possible to offer this technology, which up to now was only imagined for the premium segments.

KYB will continue growing in advanced technologies that provide high added value to our customers in these challenging times for the Automotive sector.

KYB produces electronically controlled shock absorbers both in Asia and Europe, in its manufacturing facilities specifically built to be at the forefront of high technology shock absorber manufacturing.

About KYB

KYB Corporation produces ride control, hydraulic, and electronic products for use as original equipment and replacement parts in automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, specialty vehicles, buses, aircraft, railroad cars, industrial applications, agricultural applications, and civil engineering projects. KYB global headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan.

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