KYB launches training for service and auto parts professionals

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KYB Americas Corp. introduces the KYB Training Hub. The all new Training Hub features two separate tracks made up of short individual modules with the latest technical and sales training content created specifically for Parts Professionals and Service Professionals.

Each user who completes a training track will receive a soft and high quality, long sleeve, KYB Strut-Plus shirt.

“Training has been an integral part of our business and our culture for a long time, this new platform allows us to deliver the content service providers and part professionals have been asking for in a very quick, and convenient way,” stated Aaron Shaffer, KYB’s Director of Product and Marketing. He went on to add, “The KYB Training Hub is a fantastic supplement to the in-person training we provide.”

KYB Training Hub for auto parts and service professionals

The Service Professional and Parts Professional training modules provide users with technical knowledge and communication skills to help improve their shock and strut business as well as their overall performance.

Service Professionals can learn about how critical shocks are to vehicle control systems, proper road testing techniques, selling value over price and more.

The Parts Professionals modules focus on technical training, asking the right questions, and better understanding the mechanical components involved in electronic safety systems.

The interactive, self-paced KYB Training Hub can be found at


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