Kukui recognizes NAPA AutoCare as founding Certified Partner

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Kukui, which provides businesses a custom marketing platform that integrates with each organization’s Point of Sale (POS) system, has recognized NAPA AutoCare as a founding Certified Partner.

The designation denotes NAPA AutoCare as an organization that goes above and beyond to support the automotive aftermarket industry by elevating the standards to which shops are held, by enabling shop owners to achieve success in their personal and professional lives, and supporting the communities which they serve. 

The goal of Kukui Certified Partners is to single out organizations and individuals that meet two basic requirements. First, they are best suited to enable Kukui customers to achieve maximum success and return on investment from their vendors and partnerships.

And second, that they stand out from other organizations in their efforts to support the industry and their community. Recipients are chosen based on a number of criteria including; the evaluation of data gathered by Kukui member shops who use those partners signifying actual results of success, the recommendations of existing customers, and through first-hand interaction and interviews with the candidates.  

The Kukui All in One Success Platform provides Kukui’s clients with quantitative data showing their return on investment, the number of new clients based on their POS system, statistics revealing their customer retention rate, and areas to improve their business through the tracking of phone calls, appointment forms, and feedback from customer reviews.

According to Jason Rainey, General Manager of NAPA AutoCare at Genuine Parts Company, “Our industry is changing at a pace we’ve never experienced before and it’s only going to continue.  The vehicles that our NAPA AutoCare Centers service today are completely different than what they worked on as little as five years ago.  At an equally fast pace, technology is changing the way we engage with the consumer and their buying behavior patterns.  Partnering with Kukui allows our NAPA AutoCare Centers real-time access to their customer base and measures their marketing and retention rates.  We partnered with Kukui three years ago because of their known quality product and services, but it’s their people and customer service that makes our partnership so rewarding.“ 

“Kukui has been part of the NAPA AutoCare program for the past few years and this partnership has given us an insider’s view into the many ways that NAPA works to support the success of the auto industry and how they give back to the community,”  said Todd Westerlund, CEO of Kukui. “The amazing work NAPA does to support the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund is just one of the examples that align with the values of Kukui. Their diligence to uplift the image of the industry and to hold members to the highest standards makes me proud to welcome NAPA AutoCare to Kukui Certified.”

Learn more about Kukui Certified at Kukui.com/kc 


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