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Delivery drivers often have to carry products that are classified as “Dangerous Goods” by the Transport Canada.
Generally this will apply to certain chemicals for use in automotive service, but also batteries, which have some specific handling requirements.
According to the letter of the Tranportation of Dangerous Good Act, the requirements to transport batteries would be considered onerous in terms of the quantities that jobbers would be transporting to members.
Thankfully, members of the Automotive Industries Association of Canada have enjoyed the privilege of an Equivalency Certificate.
According to Transport Canada: If a person wishes to carry on an activity related to transporting dangerous goods in a way that is not in compliance with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Regulations, he or she must apply for an Equivalency Certificate following the information requirements in Part 14 of the TDG Regulations and must show that the way in which the activity will be carried on will provide a level of safety equivalent to complying with the Regulations.
That is precisely what the Equivalency Certificate available to AIA of Canada members does. However, you should still understand what documentation you need to have on board your vehicle, and what placarding you must display to avoid complications if you are stopped for inspection.

Discuss with your store what training might be appropriate for you; in some cases it is your store supervisor who must be trained and then communicate that information to you.

Available Online TDG Courses through the AIA of Canada:
• ICC Web-Based Training for TDG – $39.95 (available in English and French)
• CLR-12 Shipping Dangerous Goods by Ground in Canada: Drivers & Handlers Training – $108.00 (available in English)
• CLR-11 Transport de marchandises dangereuses – Recyclage – $99.95 (available in French only)

Equivalency Certificate:


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