Incoming AIA Canada Chair Shannon Spano on Evolving in an Evolving Aftermarket

by | Mar 27, 2023 | 0 comments

When Shannon Spano takes over as chair of the Automotive Industries Association of Canada in late April, she will become the second woman to hold that role in the aftermarket association..

She sees it as an inspiration to continue to build the diversity, equity and inclusion conversation.

“I’m honoured. I am inspired. Susan Hitchon, who was the first chair through the pandemic of all things to me was such a shining example of leadership especially through such a chaotic and tumultuous time for the industry. I have a big agenda to talk about in a more deliberate, braver, bolder, more direct conversation with people and members of the AIA. And I think it’s time. “

Spano, VP Sales for Wakefield Canada, says AIA Canada is well positioned to help aftermarket organizations make the right decisions in a changing aftermarket.

“Historical data isn’t going to help us as much as insights on the various things that we collectively are facing. The AIA provides a really strong bridge to research development insights that can really flow and harmonize conversations about the future.

“I use this line around data: insights without data is trivial. Insights without action is pointless. Just collecting that data alone will not solve our problems. It’s the insights translated into action. So, we’ll actually future proof organizations, right?

“That to me is where you want to put more energy. And so, companies to spend so much time inside generating, when an association like AIA can actually facilitate a lot of those insight-generated conversations and leadership decisions.

“That’s where AIA can be really powerful for us as an industry.”



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