A future where driving will be outlawed, says futurist

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In 2021 Ford will have autonomous vehicles at your beckon call, and by 2030 human driven vehicles will be outlawed on highways, says futurist Nik Badminton.

His presentation kicked off the AIA of Canada Automotive Conference for Executives in Toronto today.

Ford’s forecast was only one of many changes that are overtaking the mobility space.

Badminton was very optimistic about the future of the automobile, but not without significant shifts that will affect some half a million people in Canada.

Comparing, for example a Chevy Bolt with a VW Golf reveals a massive reduction in component parts.

There is also a dramatic shift in the economic power from old economy giants like Exxon to companies like Apple and Google parent Alphabet.

Even car manufacturing is in for major changes with companies more aligned with technology than mobility poised to launch into volume manufacturing of vehicles. Even vacuum manufacturer Dyson is investing in a future as a manufacturer.

Looking ahead, Badminton forecasts that by 2025, self driving vehicles will be commonplace in cities. EVs too. And Alberta will begin to transition from fossil fuels.

By 2030, human driven vehicles outlawed on highways. EVs will drive 2000 km on a single charge. Alberta will become a solar energy powerhouse.

”Change is going to happen and if we don’t change, change is going to happen to us,” says Badminton.







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