Five things a jobber salesperson should never do

by | Feb 10, 2018 | 0 comments

So, you’ve finally graduated to the outside sales role you’ve been craving.
You’re anxious to get in front of clients and show them your incredible product knowledge and ability to solve all of their problems.
Before you get ahead of yourself, and set a bad first impression, here are five things you should never do:

1. Do not show up unannounced and expect to be seen. Cold call, sure, but be prepared to only introduce yourself and make an appointment.
2. Never show up unprepared. If you’re there to address a problem, make sure you have solutions at hand.
3. Never walk into the bays, wait to be invited. Use the front door, like a customer.
4. Do not monopolize the service advisors time while you wait. Sit quietly if you have to.
5. Do not disrespect other garages, your competitors, or your co-workers. Even if they deserve it.


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