Five easy tips for delivery drivers

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Whether you are a delivery driver on staff or working as an independent broker, you represent the organization you delivery for.

Here are five simple tips to remember that will leave customers with a good impression.

1. Be friendly

Although you’ll be spending much of the time alone in your car, it’s still a customer service role. A delivery driver sees a customer more often than anyone else in the business. Smile when you see customers and be courteous, even when you’re having a tough day.

2. Be an efficient driver

Customers expect delivery drivers to be speedy, so you need to be quick, but make sure that you’ve completed the delivery—sometimes parts are left in the delivery vehicle— and have any signatures you need before you leave. Otherwise you might find you’re retracing you steps.

You may also be required to collect warranty returns so be sure you ask about that too.

3. Be a safe driver

As important as speed is, safety is paramount. Poor driving habits could hurt the reputation of the business, or worse.

In addition, safe driving means hands-free use of your devices. And new distracted driving laws in Ontario can put your license on hold for three days and cost you $1,000 or more.

And that may cost you your job altogether, too.

4. Be conscientious

Be sure to have all parts you are delivering secured appropriately to ensure they’re not damaged in transit. Also, be careful not to leave your delivery vehicle where the shop owner doesn’t want it—in customer parking, or in front of a bay door for example—even though you may only be there for a minute.

If you’re not sure, ask “Is it okay to park my vehicle there when I’m delivering?”

5. Be patient

Yes, speed is of the essence, but inevitably you will find yourself waiting on occasion. Try to be pleasant about it. A shop owner may want to have a word with you, but wants to finish up with a customer first. You may have to wait for an order to be readied. Try not to add to the stress of the situation; keep calm, be patient, and then carry on with your job.


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