Fight the flu: Bump it out!

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As the automotive aftermarket enters a busy season, in the wake of heightened awareness surrounding the COVID-19 flu virus, It just seems wise to remind ourselves of what we can do to be smart about staying healthy.


Get the flu shot

While any current flu shot will not protect you against the coronavirus, it is also useful to note that there is a much greater probability that you could contract another virus, or another illness. By way of comparison, there have as of this writing been 33 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Canada, while there have been more than 30,000 cases of other seasonal flu strains.

UPDATE: As of March 16, there were 324 COVID-19 confirmed cases reported in Canada and 1 death.

Get your flu shot at least a week before you’re travelling as sometimes you may get an after effect that may make you feel unwell for a couple of days.

Plus if you don’t get sick you don’t make others sick so this protects you and it protects everyone else also. That’s called herd immunity.

Bump it out! Avoid Shaking Hands — or Clean Them Immediately Afterward 

This is probably the biggest thing of all. Handshakes are a key method of transmission. Even a high five can transmit millions of germs. Learn and use the air fist bump. Let’s make it a thing.

Wash Your Hands or Use Hand Sanitizer Regularly

Wash your hands six times a day at least. And if you’re add an event use hand sanitizer every time you think about it.

Sneeze into your arm

While this is not a cure all, if you have to sneeze, please don’t spray the room, or your hand. You know this right?

Don’t Touch Your Nose and Eyes, and Don’t Put Your Hands in Your Mouth

Keep your hands away from your face. And yes we know that as soon as you read this you’ll want to do exactly that.

Don’t Eat Finger Food With Your Fingers

This is probably good practice regardless, for you and everybody else. Use a fork. We will all thank you for this.

Use Antibacterial Wipes to Clean Your Workstation

Your computer your iPad and your phone are probably dirtier than your toilet seat. It’s been scientifically proven. Wipe them down; keep them clean.

Use a Humidifier and/or Saline Nasal Spray

Dry hotel and venue air are incredibly difficult to avoid, but when your nasal passages get dried out transmission of disease becomes that much easier. Do what you can to keep them hydrated.

Get Plenty of Sleep

This is smart too, and really part of a longer-term strategy to stay healthy. And yes we know it’s tough when you’re trying to cram a week’s worth of business activities into a couple of days. Try not to overdo it.

Exercise and Adopt Healthy Habits

Exercise and being generally healthy will help your immune system be more effective and help you fight off illnesses you might have come in contact with. 

While the emergence of COVID-19 is certainly alarming, the chances of any individual contracting it remain extremely low. But there are plenty of other flu and cold viruses out there, and you don’t want any of those either. Aside from the personal downsides of getting sick, there are significant and measurable business effects when people are sick. 

One final point, if you are sick, it is wise to minimize your contact with others and avoid spreading the illness.

There’s no need to panic about any of this but if all of us just use a little common sense and some good hygiene practices we will all be better off.


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