Failure of REPAIR Act would cause $86B US in ‘thwarted repair choices’

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MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers association president and CEO Paul McCarthy called the U.S. REPAIR Act right to repair bill it’s ‘highest priority’ and says it’s failure would result in $86B US in “thwarted repair choices” for consumers by 2035.

The Right to Equitable and Professional Auto Industry Repair (REPAIR) Act’ (H.R. 906) was reintroduced into the current U.S. congressional session.

MEMA and other aftermarket industry associations in a recent joint statement said it “will ensure the preservation of consumer choice, a fair marketplace, and the continued safe operation of the nation’s 292 million registered passenger and commercial motor vehicles, 70% of which are maintained by independent repair facilities.”

“We should remember that this is not theoretical for the future of our industry,” McCarthy told aftermarket media.

“But importantly, it’s not theoretical for consumers and their ability to have affordable mobility and to keep our economy rolling. So if we don’t have the REPAIR Act, our research says that by 2035 $86 billion in consumer repair choices will be thwarted by repair restrictions, and that number will grow and multiply quickly.

“This is our highest priority on behalf of our aftermarket members. And we’re very excited about the progress that the vital REPAIR Act has made in Washington,” said McCarthy.

“This Congress may be our best chance for this bill and so I certainly encourage when all the folks in our industry consider whether to take time from what is a very busy business schedule to send a letter to your Congress people to share opportunity for everyone in your company and at your customers to send those letters to Congress. or frankly, for folks to host congressional visits at their facilities.”

McCarthy went on to encourage industry suppliers to arrange plant visits — “it changes Congress people’s minds very fast” — and emphasized the critical nature of the aftermarket right to repair battle.

“So it is really that simple. We need the whole industry support of the REPAIR Act, and more importantly, of those principles of consumer choice and free markets that underpin our system, that underpin consumer’s ability to get to work, visit family, take care of loved ones, and frankly, affordable mobility. It really is the foundation of the system of American prosperity, and it is at risk.”


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