Every jobber, and every shop, needs this report

by | Apr 17, 2018 | 0 comments

Independent garages often look to the price of the parts they buy to make up for profit deficiencies in their business. They are probably looking in the wrong place. A big miss for many could be the price they charge for their services, both in terms of door rate and common services like oil change.

While every independent business owner is responsible for positioning their business appropriately depending on their local market, competition, and their capabilities, the price they charge for services is often based on old or incomplete information about their competition.

Faced with this, one of Jobber Nation’s contacts put together a pricing matrix of local competition–door rates and the price of an oil change–to make the point with his shop clients, and has allowed us to share his findings with the entire market.

The pricing examples are for a major metropolitan area; jobbers should look at compiling this report for their market area to help their independent shop clients see if they are charging less than they could.

Download this pricing matrix as a pdf here: DOOR RATE-OILCHANGE


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