Edgenet enhances automotive aftermarket offering

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Edgenet has announced enhanced product offerings for automotive aftermarket suppliers and receivers. The Edgenet platform will allow both parties to control and distribute product content, and meet compliance with industry exchange standards.

The enhanced platform ensures suppliers can deliver accurate product content to receivers to ensure auto parts are matched correctly with vehicles, and supports receivers in syndicating large volumes of content spanning various car makes, models, and series. Edgenet has worked with more than 750 suppliers and various receivers in the automotive space, such as Valeo, Valvoline, CRP Industries, and Melling. With Edgenet’s extensive eCommerce experience, the company is equipped to help suppliers grow their presence on Amazon and Google.

Edgenet supports compliance with the Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard (ACES) and the Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES). This functionality includes:

  • ACES Creation and Validation: Create ACES easily with the guidance of real-time, continuous reporting of validations against VCdb, PCdb, and Qdb on import and throughout creation, without ever leaving Edgenet. No more waiting for error reports – ACES is valid all the time, every time, ensuring products are available for purchase quicker than any other solution.
  • Pies Creation: Customize PIES and PIES-like data to any receiver to meet their requirements.
  • Syndication: Edgenet is a single source of data where you can create custom files to meet receiver requirements – fast.
  • Distributions: Eliminate creating and sending files every month by scheduling and automating delivery to all receivers, including Amazon and Google.

“Edgenet is the only product experience management platform that addresses the unique challenges of the auto parts industry in one solution,” said Steve Proctor, CEO of Edgenet. “Our customers on average report 65% reduction in time spent creating and syndicating content to receivers, while generating significant improvements in content completeness and initial quality. Combined with our superior customer success team who works tirelessly to ensure that our customers get the very best results possible, we’re able to deliver a superpowered product experience that’s unrivaled in the market.”

To support an increased focus in the automotive aftermarket, Edgenet also hired industry veteran Joe Thomas to lead these efforts. As the company’s automotive program manager, Thomas will work with the product team to support the advancement of the platform and execute the product roadmap. He has 19 years of experience in the automotive aftermarket, and specializes in creating and maintaining application-specific product content.

“We’re proud to welcome Joe to our growing organization as we reinforce our continued focus and commitment to the automotive aftermarket,” continued Proctor. “This is an exciting time for Edgenet, and we believe our platform will change the way automotive suppliers and receivers work with each other to get products to market faster than ever.”

For more information on Edgenet’s platform, visit: www.edgenet.com/automotive-aftermarket


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