Eco-friendly heavy-duty hand cleaner

by | Mar 1, 2018 | 0 comments

Federal Process Corporation, a leader in innovative cleaning solutions for the jobsite and home, has introduced a new cleaning product.

tub o scrub federal processTub O’ Scrub heavy-duty hand cleaner is an ideal solution for removing grease, oil, adhesives, epoxies and a variety of other tough-to-clean substances encountered around extreme work environments.

Designed to be used with or without water, the hard-working hand degreaser features a unique, biodegradable formula made with lanolin, aloe vera, vitamin E and other emollients to ensure that clean hands feel softer and moisturized after use. 

“Our Tub O’ Scrub heavy-duty hand cleaner is specially formulated to easily remove the toughest messes while still being gentle on hands,” said Dave Anderson, vice president, retail brands, Federal Process. “And because our proprietary formula uses only biodegradable cleaning agents – meaning no harsh chemicals or ingredients – you can be confident that washing away the solution is safe for your skin and the environment.

Tub O’ Scrub hand cleaner does not contain petroleum, solvents or pumice like other comparable heavy-duty hand cleaners. Tub O’ Scrub hand cleaner features a fresh, natural citrus scent and is available in two sizes, including an 18 oz. bottle and a 64 oz. pump dispenser.



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