Detailed U-Joint diagrams latest tools in Epicor eCatalogue

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Epicor Software Corporation, announced that an array of detailed MOOG universal-joint diagrams from Federal-Mogul Motorparts are now available in the industry-leading Epicor PartExpert electronic catalogue.

These new diagrams, as with an array of additional user-friendly graphical resources added to the eCatalogue over the past year, are designed to help PartExpert users more quickly identify all of the right parts for a repair, leading to increased sales and a superior customer experience.

The new diagrams provide highly detailed visual reference and associated, application- and part-specific information for the full range of MOOG U-joints available for millions of popular domestic and foreign-nameplate vehicles. Helpful diagrams highlight all U-joints needed for driveshaft and axle fitment on specific vehicle models along with associated part number references. The diagrams cover two- and three-joint driveshaft applications as well as two-, four- and all-wheel-drive models. Specific vehicle versioning information, part specifications and other details further aid the eCatalogue user in making the best choice for each repair.

“Professionals choose MOOG products for proven quality, reliability, performance, and ease of installation,” said Brent Berman, director of training and consumer experience for Federal-Mogul Motorparts. “Each of these characteristics is reinforced by our commitment to empower customers with world-class product information. We are pleased to offer this engaging content at thousands of aftermarket points-of-sale via the Epicor catalogue.”

In addition to expanding the number of vehicle, system and part diagrams and other value-added information embedded in the PartExpert eCatalogue Epicor has introduced an optional, graphical eCatalogue interface, PartExpert GFX, that helps distributor and jobber personnel, service writers, technicians and other users enhance lookup efficiency through the use of detailed system visualizations featuring embedded part intelligence. Rather than requiring keyed prompts to drill down to a specific part, GFX interface allows users to identify and navigate to available aftermarket and original equipment parts represented within corresponding vehicle system diagrams.

“Epicor eCatalogue products are engineered to help users make the right choices, faster and with unsurpassed accuracy, whether they are working online, in a warehouse or parts store, at a service counter or even in a repair bay,” said Scott Thompson, senior vice president, automotive and business services, Epicor. “An electronic catalogue should make you more efficient and confident on the job; it certainly shouldn’t slow you down or cause you to second-guess the information you’re providing to your customers.

“The difference between those two scenarios explains why Epicor is considered by many as the gold standard in cataloging.”

It is estimated that Epicor PartExpert replacement parts data and/or eCatalogue products are used in more than 70 percent of aftermarket parts sales in North America. The comprehensive PartExpert database, which includes more than 12 million parts from over 9,000 product lines and covers approximately 525 million applications, helps parts and service businesses remain “fit” for strong growth in an increasingly information-intensive industry.


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