Delphi Technologies is expanding aftermarket offerings

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Delphi Technologies Aftermarket announced significant expansions to its North American product portfolio, including an even broader offering in fuel handling, a plan to reach a full-line steering & suspension offering by 2020, and a more comprehensive suite of engine sensors.

Fuel Handling

In fuel handling, Delphi is known as a leader in the aftermarket with more than one third of the total market share and 98 percent sales coverage in North America. The company’s OE Powertrain segment continues to win business with the top 25 automakers across the globe, and its close relationship with its Aftermarket division ensures the same OE quality in engineering designs for aftermarket fuel handling products. To further broaden its offerings in this category, in 2018, Delphi has added 534 new fuel handling SKUs and expanded into GDi high-pressure pumps and other accessories including nearly 300 fuel pressure regulators. New releases in 2018 include 95 first-to-market parts.

Delphi is also committed to leadership in aftermarket technician education. The company’s fuel tank cleaning kit product and Clean the Tank campaign, endorsed by the Car Care Council, offer repair shops further opportunities for warranty reduction during any fuel repair. Delphi’s range of technician-centric training materials continues to expand as well, including its How-To video series, webinars, app, and podcast.

Steering and Suspension Expansion

Another significant area of expansion for the company is steering and suspension, a global product line which launched in North America last year. By the end of 2018, Delphi will have increased its SKU count in North America by over 40 percent, and plans to double it in 2019. By the end of next year, Delphi Technologies will offer 99 percent sales coverage in steering and suspension. Its products, all rigorously tested and built to match OE performance and precision, include control arms, tie rod ends, inner tie rods, and tie rod assemblies, sway bar links, ball joints, track control arms, bushings, bellow kits, and steering kits.

“Steering and suspension has been a tremendous growth story for us. Our strong global footprint has allowed us to bring our successful European product line to the North American market, and since its launch in February 2017, we have significantly increased our sales coverage,” said Chad Smith, vice president, Aftermarket, North America. “We are excited about becoming a full-line steering and suspension supplier by 2020, because it sends a powerful message to the market that we are the right partner for our customers in this category. We are focused on providing the parts that technicians need to replace every day, with the same quality standards they trust.”

Engine Sensors

The company also announced a targeted approach to achieve significant growth in the engine sensors line by the end of 2020, focusing on the most popular applications on the road today to suit its customers’ specific market demands. With this approach, Delphi Technologies plans to increase its engine sensor offering to 75 percent sales coverage by end of 2019, and 90 percent sales coverage by end of 2020. The company currently offers a high quality and competitively priced line backed by stringent OE development and product validation methods, with products including ABS/wheel speed sensors, cam and crank position sensors, MAP, MAF, and MAT sensors, knock/detonation sensors, and coolant and oil temperature sensors.

“By the end of 2020, we plan to complement our strong product offerings in ignition coils and MAF sensors with a broad, comprehensive portfolio of engine sensors to give our customers even more options. We’re listening to what they need from an engine sensors supplier, and are committed to providing them with the OE-quality parts that they associate with the Delphi name,” added Smith.

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