Delivery Driver Tips

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As a delivery driver, you may very well be the face of the auto parts business you work for to the customer.
And since you see them multiple times a day in some cases, it only makes sense to make the most of those situations.
Here are five things to focus on:

1—Announce yourself clearly: “Delivery from ABC Auto Parts.” Be courteous, make eye contact and provide a brief synopsis of what the order consists of as the person receiving the order reviews the paperwork (e.g. two ball joints, tie rod, lubricant, and a CV boot). This may only take a few seconds, but it will help them stay organized and reveal any omissions.
2—Review the order to ensure all items promised are there, and that they have everything they need. Again, this may only take a few seconds, but if something is not there—it might just be still in your vehicle (it happens) or missed on the order—but will save time and secure any additional orders.
3—Learn the difference between being quick, and being in a rush. Ask “Is that everything?” Seems trite, but try to get past the “No, that’s it,” auto-response.
4—Look around for clues that may reveal additional opportunities. Are cars lined up outside two bays but a third bay unused? Maybe the have a broken lift. Is there a growing pile of cores waiting to be picked up. Are techs complaining about comebacks? If something looks off, ask, and bring back information back to the store.
5—Drive safely and responsibly. As a representative of the business, and likely with very clear identification of that business on the vehicle, your behavior reflects on the business. And, with today’s world of instant video, your bad behavior on the roads may make you and your store an unwitting, and unwelcome, YouTube star.


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