Counterperson tips: Quality chassis parts

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Quality matters, more than ever. Decades ago, there were a number of levels of quality chassis parts: top quality, mid-quality offering and some budget options.
Those still exist, but unfortunately they have been joined on the market by some products that are of such poor quality, they cannot perform their intended function for more than a short time. All experienced counter staff have run across parts so poor they didn’t even withstand the stress of the car being lowered from the lift.
While an extreme case, it does point to the need to continually reinforce what quality choices mean.
Selling the benefits of quality to your customers means communicating key points:
1. Go with your experience. If certain parts have delivered superior performance in term so lasting repair, let customers know.
2. Quality parts have quality warranties. Repeat this often.
3. Learn and talk about quality control of your trusted suppliers. Are they ISO certified? How do they test their products? What materials do they use?
4. Fit, form, and function are the true test of quality for customers. Let experience by your guide.
5. As much as high quality is best, there is such thing as the right part for the job. Recommend the best options for the job, for the available budget.

Perhaps the most important point from the customers perspective, while sometimes tricky to communicate, is that the parts they use reflects on their reputation, or more accurately, if the parts they use fail prematurely, it reflects poorly on their reputation.
Think of it like this: if you win an award that has a cash prize, you will spend the cash in short order, but you will still have that award on your wall to remind you.
When a shop chooses poor quality, they’ll soon forget the cash they might have saved, but remember that “award” of a damaged reputation for a long time.
Shop owners, technicians, and service advisors know this, but they might need to be reminded from time to time.


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