Cost calculator compares commercial diesel to electric powertrains

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Dana Incorporated has launched its total-cost-of-ownership calculator for the commercial-vehicle market, allowing fleets and independent operators to make comprehensive cost comparisons between traditional diesel platforms and full-electric powertrain solutions.

“Fleets are closely evaluating the costs to potentially transition from diesel to electric platforms as they seek to move goods more responsibly,” said Mark Wallace, president of Dana Commercial Driveline Technologies.  “Dana is committed to supporting customers throughout the evolution of mobility, and our new analytics tool provides an extensive review of the total cost of ownership for diesel and electric powertrains, aiding fleets as they explore electrification’s role in their operations.”

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The easy-to-use calculator requires minimal input and includes visual prompts for simple navigation.  Prior to beginning an assessment, a user may choose to include their specific cost of ownership details, such as vehicle acquisition cost, taxes, tolls, and maintenance fees.  If this information is not readily available, the calculator is pre-populated with common operating parameters for six key “electrification-first” applications.  Designed with the flexibility to tailor the calculations to a user’s unique situation, Dana’s calculator is able to address the needs of its diverse customer base, including regional considerations for units of measurement and currency. 

Total cost of ownership calculations include fuel, equipment, and a total of “other” costs to provide a summary assessment of the total cost per mile and the total annual cost for operation.  The user is able to toggle between the diesel evaluation and the full electric evaluation, as well as display both calculations for a side-by-side comparison.

Future enhancements to the calculator will include alternative power variants, as well as the ability to customize powertrains featuring specific Spicer Electrified with TM4 systems.  

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