Cooper Tire introduces all-weather tire for fleets

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For fleets requiring extra grip and traction, Cooper Tire has introduced its WORK Series All Weather Drive (AWD) tire for regional fleets.

Available for order in June, the WORK Series AWD tire comes in three sizes – 295/75R22.5 LR G, 11R22.5 LR H, and 11R24.5 LR H. The tire is being showcased at the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) Transportation Technology Exhibition in Atlanta.

The Cooper WORK Series AWD has an open shoulder design with tightly packed center tread blocks that are highly siped. The full-depth 3D sipes enhance traction, while interlocking to maintain tread stability while cornering.

Featuring 26/32nds of tread depth and a wide footprint for long miles to removal, the tire has wide snow grooves separating the three inner tread blocks with the outside ribs. This allows snow to pack in the tire, enhancing traction. The tread blocks are staggered and zig-zag to promote optimum traction in all weather conditions, while shoulder pockets provide additional traction “bite” in tough driving conditions.

“This is a very unique tread package that was really tailored for fleets running in the worst of conditions,” said Gary Schroeder, Executive Director of Cooper’s Global Truck and Bus Tire Business. “And, it’s our first commercial tire to feature Cooper’s Snow Groove Technology. It also is Three Peak Mountain Snowflake certified, verifying outstanding all-weather performance. Extensive testing showed the combination of the tread design and snow grooves gave the performance we were after in order to be a top tire performer in this segment of the market.”

To ward off irregular wear and enhance performance, the new tire features shoulder tie bars to provide stability to the shoulder ribs, allowing for a good balance of traction and irregular wear resistance. Stone ejectors, located between the tread blocks, help resist stone drilling while helping to maintain casing integrity.

Built around a four steel-belt casing, the Cooper WORK Series AWD tire is highly retreadable and features an industry-leading full replacement value warranty for the first 50 percent of treadwear.



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