Brake Product Knowledge

by | Dec 5, 2017 | 0 comments

Product knowledge is the biggest asset of a top counterperson, but what you recommend is the real benefit of that knowledge.
1. Know the full range of brake products you have in stock, and those you have quick access too.
2. Understand that even trade customers may have mistaken ideas about what the best friction options. For example, that ceramic formulations are best for severe duty usage, when the best options are usually semi-metallic (although some semi-met formulations do include ceramic materials as an ingredient).
3. Noise is the biggest cause of brake service complaints, so ensure that customers have any shims, backing plates, or anti-squeal paste. This is particularly important if you are involved in retail sales.
4. Ensure that you reiterate proper bedding-in procedures for customers. Different suppliers and different lines can have significantly different requirements, including no requirement at all.
5. Don’t waste time just displaying your knowledge. Get the customer sorted, get them the product, and get them on their way.


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