BOLT Lock adds units for Ford Ranger

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BOLT Lock has introduced a complete set of their patented Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology locks for the Ford Ranger pickup.

As a midsize pickup, these trucks are able to haul and tow some heavy loads thanks to a payload capacity of up to 2,128 pounds and a towing capacity of 7,500 pounds.

bolt lock

BOLT Locks offers a wide variety of products for the Ford Ranger pickup, including padlocks, 5/8-inch receiver locks, six-foot cable locks, coupler pin locks, collar-kingpin locks and off-vehicle coupler locks. The company uses patented technology to create tumblers which permanently memorize a vehicle’s ignition key upon the first insertion and rotation. By utilizing the vehicle’s ignition key, BOLT locks reduce key clutter and allow users to quickly locate the key needed to unlock each individual lock. Each lock resists picking and bumping while a bright red design acts as a visible theft deterrent.

“We’re proud to offer a wide variety of locks for the new Ford Ranger. These pickup trucks will be used to haul trailers, boats, jet skis and more, so they need extremely strong and durable locks to protect their equipment. Anyone who uses a Ranger as a work truck will greatly benefit from using BOLT Lock because they can secure all of their tools and unattended trailers at work sites without worry of theft,” said Jason Buckles, sales account manager for BOLT Lock.

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