Bestbuy Distributors marks 70th Anniversary in style

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Bestbuy Distributors marked its 70th Anniversary at it’s annual dinner event, with shareholder recognition, supplier awards, an outrageous, entertaining stage show, and one tearful farewell.

Bestbuy Distributors also took time to recognize the work being done by the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children that has been the recipient of charitable fundraising at Bestbudy Distributors for some years.

“So Bestbuy and our vendors annual charity contributions to Sick Kids Hospital, specifically the Labatt Family Heart Centre goes back 37 years,” said Bill Hay, president of Bestbuy,

“And it’s something that we as the company, are very proud of. Collectively Bestbuy shareholders, staff, vendors have raised to date over $822,000 toward this great charitable cause.”

Over the past year, despite curtailed abilities to hold events and other activities to raise funds, more that $15,000 was raised for the cause.

Dr Mike Seed (far left) accepts this year’s contribution on behalf of Sick Kids from the Besbuy 2023 board of directors: Chairman of the Board and CEO Doug Wilson, Fat Guys Auto Parts, Vice Chair Gary Thibault, The Partsman, Treasurer Scott Anderson, Peterborough Automotive, Tony Racioppo, Fincham Automotive Supplies; John Brunelle, Parts Stop Auto & Industrial, Michael MacPherson, Down East Auto Parts; Rob Dow, Jack Dow Auto Supplies; Arthur Edwards, Northwest Auto Parts.

Dr. Mike Seed, Division Head of Cardiology at The Hospital for Sick Children, was on hand to show his appreciation for the ongoing contributions.

“Sometimes comes as a bit of surprise to people that congenital heart disease is really quite common. It’s about one in every hundred babies is born with some sort; fortunately a lot of those don’t need a lot of treatment. But the good news is that the surgical treatment now is really very successful on by far the majority of patients.

“That is about 600 operations a year. And one of the things that really keeps us going actually is the philanthropy, the generous donations that we receive, from people like yourselves.

“That allows us to, to do other things than than just take care of the patients. It allows us to do research to start new projects, to come up with ideas and to try and improve the care that we deliver. And, and so there are a lot of things going like that going on that this money will contribute towards.”

Wayne Heimpel, gave a heartfelt thanks to all who had helped make his career and business successful, but none more than his wife Pat.

In addition to formal announcements of the new board of directors long service awards for shareholders, Wayne Heimpel of Heimpel’s Automotive in Kitchener, Ont., took centre stage. Also celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2023 and founded by Wayne’s father Wilf Heimpel, Heimpel Automotive was recently sold and Wayne Heimpel and wife Pat will be stepping back from the business later this year.

“I’ve working in this industry for about 55, 56 years. I’ve served on the board of directors, chairman of our group for two years, two and a half years actually. And, I have to thank my wife. [Our partners ] back you up a lot in the things that you take on and, and where you build. And so I, I really want thank my wife.

“I’ve known Bill (Hay) for probably 40, 42 years and enjoyed good relations with him. The same with (Bestbuy’s) Andy Murphy. When Andy came on board, we became very good friends very quickly. Karen Barkin; who can save more about Karen. And I’d like to thank everybody for the relationships and good friends and our dealings throughout the years. Thank you very much.”

Supplier Awards of Excellence went to:

  • Rising Star Award: Liqui Moly
  • Marketing Partner Award: BBB Industries
  • Bestbuy Partner Award: Mevotech and Promax Auto Parts Depot
  • Cornerstone Award: Robert Bosch
  • Horace J. Pratt Vendor of the Year: Dorman Products


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