Bestbuy Distributors tops $840,000 in Sick Kids contributions

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Bestbuy Distributors announced at its annual event that it had raised $31,500 in the past year for Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, bringing the total raised by the automotive aftermarket buying group throughout the years to an impressive $847,000.

The funds raised included what must be a record $5,100 for a t-shirt; a pledge that occurred during Bestbuy’s most recent Buy and Sell in St. John’s, NF. Bestbuy chair Doug Squires of Colonial Garage & Distributors, joked that the unexpected t-shirt “auction”, “Occurred on George Street, rather late in the evening,” and that “for those of you who are familiar with George Street,” things happen.

Sick Kids, as it is most commonly known, is a world renowned medical facility and research hub.

On hand to accept the contribution was Dr. Mike Seed who spoke about the ongoing research into improving outcomes for infants with cardiac problems. Seed, who heads up the Cardiology Department at Sick Kids, says that a key focus is on improving outcomes for pre-term infants with cardiac problems whose respiratory systems aren’t mature, which adds further to their risks. Research has been ongoing into developing artificial wombs for these infants that will allow them to continue to receive oxygen, nutrition, and medication, through the umbilical system, allowing their systems to mature and giving them a much greater chance at success.

“So, we have created our own version and really all there is to develop and move forward. Exciting things are happening because your generosity to Sick Kids.”

Bestbuy also took the opportunity to honour the late Dale Devlin with its highest award, the William Elton Outstanding Support Award, presented to individuals who have shown a selfless dedication to improving Bestbuy for all shareholders in partnership with vendor partners.

The late Dale Devlin, owner of Bestbuy shareholder Halton Automotive and former chair of Bestbuy, was awarded the William Elton Outstanding Support Award for his long-standing dedication to the organization.

“Dale was a steadfast and loyal advocate of Bestbuy and served the company and shareholders tirelessly for many decades,” said chair Doug Squires. “His passing has left a large hole in the Bestbuy family. And he is greatly missed by his family, his friends, and business associates.

“I only wish in my heart that Dale was only here to properly receive it, and the accolades he so justly deserved.”

Accepting the award was his widow, Mary Devlin, who with her children by her side, told the attendees that Dale would have been humbled to receive the award.

“I look across the sea of faces and they’re not just faces, they’re family and they’re friends and I appreciate everything everyone has done for us.”

As a testament to Dale Devlin’s impact, and number of former shareholders were welcomed to the Toronto events to pay their respects and connect with old friends.

bestbuy devlin

Vendor Awards

Bestbuy mevotech
Horace J. Pratt Vendor of the Year Award winners Mevotech

Bestbuy also presented the vendor partner awards with the Horace J. Pratt Vendor of the Year Award going to Mevotech. “We have been a part of Bestbuy for I think 35 years and we feel privileged to be part of the Bestbuy family. Thank you,” said Ezer Mevorach, CEO, Mevotech in accepting the award.

Bestbuy Promax
Cornerstone Award winners Promax Auto Parts Depot.

The Cornerstone Award for developing shareholder business on a foundational basis was presented to Promax Auto Parts Depot.

Bestbuy Vision OE NuGeon

Headquarters Award winners VisionOE NuGeon.

The Bestbuy Headquarters Award, selected by the management team, went to VisionOE NuGeon.

The Marketing Partner Award was presented to Baldwin Filters, while the Rising Star Partner Award went to Magnacharge Battery.

Bestbuy Baldwin

Marketing Partner Award was presented to Baldwin Filters.
Bestbuy Magnacharge

The Rising Star Partner Award went to Magnacharge Battery.

Bestbuy also holds its annual warehouse Trade Show in concert with the annual meetings and awards. The event continues to expand in both exhibitor participation and shareholder visits.

Bestbuy dayco show
Bestbuy general show


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