Automotive Parts Associates announces supplier awards

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Automotive Parts Associates (APA) has announced the 2020 APA Suppliers of the Year for their outstanding service and support of APA shareholders and organization initiatives during 2019.

New internal classification of product lines and suppliers provided more opportunities for shareholders to express their votes with the creation of two new awards that replaced the top Approved Supplier of the Year and Preferred Supplier of the Year honors. The new benchmarks and awards gave shareholders the ability to nominate the suppliers they believed provided the best support and service for their businesses as a whole, rather than limited to if they only purchased from the approved and/or preferred lists.

“As the recent industry changes affect the buying habits of our shareholders, reworking our product line divisions was a no-brainer. Not only does it give a clear picture of the top lines our shareholders buy and is a standard of measure for suppliers, but the new organization gives everyone an opportunity to nominate more of who they actually buy from. The new structure is exciting for both shareholders and suppliers with increased incentive to continue building relationships as we grow and change,” said the APA Board of Directors Chairman, Jim Holmquist.

The previous Approved and Preferred Supplier of the Year honors were replaced with the Shareholder’s Choice Supplier of the Year and the APA Supplier of the Year awards.

APA recognizes the following organizations for their outstanding service and support of our shareholders and initiatives in 2019:

  • Outstanding Technology Initiatives Partner – WHI Solutions
  • Outstanding Marketing Partner –Dorman
  • Distinguished Original Equipment Partner – Denso
  • Cornerstone Award – FCS Automotive
  • HQ Supplier of the Year – Standard Motor Products
  • Shareholder’s Choice Supplier of the Year – Bosch
  • APA Supplier of the Year – Denso

In addition, APA recognizes shareholders Value Plus Auto Parts Wholesale in Westland, Michigan as the recipient of the APA Line-Backer award for changing the most product lines over to APA programs; Factory Motor Parts in Eagan, Minnesota and FCP Autoparts in Palatine, Illinois with Milestone awards for celebrating 75 and 40 years of business in the automotive aftermarket industry.


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