Auto parts e-tailing in Canada study released

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AIA Canada has released the latest in its Consumer Behaviour series of reports; Buying parts and fluids online: A look at consumer automotive e-tailing in Canada returns to the topic to see what trends are playing out in this not-new-anymore auto parts and supplies channel.

“The automotive industry is no stranger to leveraging the Internet for sales and relationship building purposes,” says the report’s executive summary. 

“Manufacturers have developed sophisticated portals allowing visitors to design and customize their own vehicle, retailers have slick online shopping sites with a variety of pick-up and delivery options and mass online shopping hubs like Amazon have leveraged their market clout to develop unique distribution networks, loyalty programs and competitive pricing to establish themselves as a veritable competitor in nearly every retail sector. 

Which consumer segments were buying vehicle parts online and what were they buying? 

Which websites were most popular? 

Did online shoppers install the parts themselves or did they bring them into a service centre? 

What are future online shopping intentions? 

What website features are most valued by those who buy parts and fluids online? 

Through a survey of vehicle owners, the AIA Canada and Quorus Consulting Group explored behaviours, attitudes and preferences regarding areas related to automotive e-tailing such as recent online shopping activity including website(s) used, amount spent, items purchased, reasons for shopping online, and, future online shopping intentions, including website(s) likely to be used and auto parts and fluids likely to be purchased—among many other areas.​

The report is free to download for AIA Canada members, $199 for non-members HERE


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