Auto Care Association onside with court decision allowing U.S. states to collect sales tax from online sellers

by | Jun 22, 2018 | 0 comments

The. U.S. Auto Care Association applauded the Supreme Court decision to permit states to collect sales tax on purchases of products made over the Internet.

In a statement, the association said decision means that online sellers will now be on a level playing field with brick and mortar retailers regarding charging sales tax.

The Auto Care Association had filed an amicus brief with other retail groups urging the Supreme Court to hear the case based on the price advantage that the current system provided on-line sellers.

The decision overturns a previous Supreme Court decision that required companies to have a physical presence in the state where the purchaser resided in order to charge sales tax.

“This is an important decision for many of Auto Care’s retail members and we are pleased that the Supreme Court saw the unfairness in the current system and determined to make everyone play by the same rules,” said Aaron Lowe, senior vice president, regulatory and government affairs, Auto Care Association. “We hope that implementation of the sales tax will be done uniformly across state lines to ensure a fair and efficient system of tax collection.


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