Augmented reality adds new world to catalogue lookups

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Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, demonstrated the “Catalogue of the Future”—an augmented reality (A/R) electronic catalogue interface for motor vehicle parts and service professionals—during the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo in Las Vegas, Nev.
The proprietary new interface enables parts professionals and technicians to use a tablet computer or wearable device to inspect vehicle systems, access and visualize critical parts and service information, and source replacement components directly from the service bay.
The Catalogue of the Future is targeted to deliver time- and labor-saving benefits of combining a next-generation user interface with advanced eCatalogue content and connectivity already widely available within the North American aftermarket.
The A/R interface to perform guided inspections of an automotive suspension and brake system for example. As the user points the mobile device at the vehicle system, a list of replacement components—along with corresponding pricing, availability, and other information from connected suppliers—is automatically generated via the Epicor PartExpert electronic catalogue and Epicor Parts Network connectivity. Users also can view available technical service bulletins and installation instructions, and order parts—all without leaving the service bay.
In addition, the A/R interface offers automated VIN and license plate lookups for access to all required vehicle information, including specific conditions such as engine and wheelbase. The application enables the technician or other user to capture mileage, part/system condition and other information.
“Although we’re calling it the ‘Catalogue of the Future,’ Epicor can already deliver this level of product and repair intelligence directly to end users in appropriately equipped service bays across North America,” said Scott Thompson, vice president, automotive, analytics and content, Epicor Software. “In an industry where every minute counts—especially for repair professionals, whose livelihoods depend on completing as many jobs as possible each day—this integration of available technologies could be revolutionary. The interface also allows parts professionals to identify other services and related parts needed to deliver a higher level of value and generate increased revenue.”
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