Asbestos ban on track for 2018; the full overview

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Canada’s propose asbestos ban is on track to take effect by end of 2018.  While aftermarket usage in brake friction is not nearly as widespread as it once was, there are still concerns about existing stocks which, according to the proposed regulation, would have to be disposed of.

The regulation is currently in a 75-day comment period ending March 22, 2018. Any individuals looking to comment on the regulation can do so by then. The regulation is expected to be in force by the end of 2018.

The coming regulation was the subject of a recent webinar organized the Environment and Climate Change Canada ministry.

The presentation webinar (here: WebinarPresentation_Asbestos) outlines the key initiatives of the planned ban.

The presentation webinar (WebinarPresentation_Asbestos) outlines the key initiatives of the planned ban.

During the webinar, ministry officials told Jobber Nation that they had received no information that the automotive aftermarket would have any difficulty with the transition to a ban, but concerns were expressed during the webinar that organizations with large holdings in inventory may see implications.

Subsequent investigations supported concerns that some inventories of asbestos-containing brake friction may still be reside in the supply chain.

For more information or to comment, e-mail:

Chemicals Management Division Environment and Climate Change Canada,



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