AIA High Fives For Kids Foundation Chairman’s Challenge: $14,000+ and counting

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After a successful set of fundraising efforts in 2022, the AIA High Fives for Kids Foundation is off to a strong start for the 2023 Chairman’s Challenge.

With some key fundraising events still ahead, the automotive aftermarket industry charitable foundation has already raised in excess of $14,000, putting it about halfway to the total from 2022.

Special thanks to the many returning companies from 2022, as well as a number of generous individuals who made contributions anonymously.

Special thanks to donating organizations including:

  • Tenneco
  • Modern Sales Co-op
  • APD Automotive Parts Distributors
  • Specialty Sales and Marketing
  • KYB Americas
  • Grant Brothers Sales
  • Fountain Tire
  • Mevotech
  • Aurelis Consulting Sp.
  • Magnacharge Battery Corporation
  • CHAT Integrated Media Inc.
  • Piston Ring Service
  • Wakefield Canada
  • SMP Bluestreak
  • Robert Bosch Inc.

Looking ahead, the Chairman’s Challenge for 2023 has had its fundraising bolstered by renewed and expanded commitment from industry golf tournaments that are expected to build fundraising this coming year.

As Foundation Chairman Raymond Proulx notes, “We’re very, very grateful to the support we have received, but there’s still a lot of work ahead of us to be done in the future.

“So in 2023, we do have a few golf tournaments coming back, and certainly that is a critical piece of generating some revenues for our foundation. So we’re very confident that we will be able to exceed the goals that we accomplished in 2022. And again, these monies will be spent to continue to help children’s charities across Canada.”

But Proulx reminds members of the industry that there’s no need to wait for an event to make a donation.

“Anybody can go onto our website and make these donations. We’ve had significant support from different members, and we could not accomplish this without some sort of a focus over and above the way we were generating revenues in the past. So, hats off to the AIA Canada members who have participated and have supported us.

“It is a reflection of our commitment as an industry to create a difference for these children’s charities.”

Visit to learn more and to donate.


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