AIA Canada ‘Right to Repair’ petition presented to House of Commons

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The Automotive Industries Association of Canada reported that its official Right to Repair petition was presented to the House of Commons June 21, an important milestone in advancing prospect the of Right to Repair legislation.

Brian Masse Right to Repair
MP Brian Masse has been instrumental in advancing the issue of Right to Repair legislation.

The petition, says the association, received some 1786 signatures, easily surpassing the goal.

As an official petition, the Government of Canada is required to respond within 45 calendar days.

Sponsored by Member of Parliament Brian Masse, the petition calls on the Federal Government to move quickly to pass legislation which acknowledges the right of consumers to own their data so they can continue to repair their vehicle at the auto repair shop of their choice.

In February of this year, Masse introduced a private members bill which would:

Amend the competition act to authorize the competition tribunal, to make an order requiring vehicle manufacturers, to provide independent repair shops, access to diagnostic and repair information and service parts on the same terms and manner as a manufacturers make that information and parts available to their own authorized repair provider;

Update the voluntary Canadian Automotive Service Information Standard (CASIS) agreement in place since 2009 to include the rights of digital software that will cover future innovations and technologies as we move to zero emissions, vehicle standards and electric vehicles.

Ensure that consumers have a right to choose where they actually get their vehicle fixed and to help the environment by making sure vehicles with emissions are stronger and also cleaner.

“And lastly,” said Masse, “it will also be good for public safety as vehicles are on the road repaired and in order in their best conditions possible. “

The AIA Canada says that while it is pleased with the momentum the issue has gained, it is important to keep the pressure on.

Accordingly it calls on aftermarket professionals to take the opportunity of the summer parliamentary recess to communicate the industry’s concerns face-to-face with their Member of Parliament most of whom will return to their home ridings in the coming months.

The association also advised that further information on how to engage will be forthcoming shortly.


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