AIA Canada Distinguished Service Award winner Bill Hay recounts ‘rewarding and fulfilling career’ in aftermarket

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AIA Canada Distinguished Service Award winner Bill Hay (centre) was presented the award by 2023 recipient Brad Shaddick (left) and 2022-23 AIA Canada chair Jason Yurchak (right) at the aftermarket association’s recent National Conference.

AIA Canada Distinguished Service Award winner Bill Hay says his long career in the aftermarket is testament to the people he has worked with.

“I have been blessed with a rewarding and fulfilling career in this industry that has allowed me to grow personally, and of course, as importantly, provide for my family.

“I’ve worked for some of the finest companies in the business, and I’ve been fortunate to see the world with these companies as I’ve been employed with them along the way. I have been surrounded by a lot of really talented people, and I know that those people have played a huge role in my success in this industry.”

Hay was officially presented the award at the AIA Canada National Conference, held recently in Toronto, by 2023 recipient and aftermarket veteran Brad Shaddick.

“Bill got into the automotive aftermarket in 1981, the same year I got involved. And over the next year or so, we met for the first time. Over these past 42 years, Bill has become a very, very close friend. He’s well known and highly regarded within the industry, as most of you know, through both the supplier and distributor community,” said Shaddick.

“Besides the business part, I have worked with Bill for many years on both the Slapshots for a Cause board and the Shad’s R&R board. And I can speak for both boards that we certainly appreciate all his work and contribution to help raise funds for good causes.”

Hay, who now serves as president of the E.R.I. Engine Rebuilders Inc. buying group, says he still enjoys working in the industry, even dodging a brief retirement from his previous role as president of Bestbuy Distributors to stay involved.

“When I decided to retire, there was a bit of a void there, and I missed going to work, I missed having fun. And so I decided I’d give it one more kick at the can,” said Hay.

He says it’s about the people as much as anything.

“Probably some of my closest friends are from this industry. And that’s a testament to the kind of industry that we work in. And that’s obviously why it’s so difficult to leave.

“As I mentioned, I’m very humbled to be the recipient of the 2024 Distinguished Service Award to everyone here today and to everyone in this business. I sincerely thank you for all your support. It has been an absolute pleasure and a privilege to work in this industry.”

The AIA Canada Distinguished Service Award is the highest award presented by the association to an individual member. It recognizes outstanding service and leadership that contributes to the growth and development of Canada’s automotive auto care industry.


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