Advanced VDO radios for custom car and truck fans

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Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket, manufacturer and supplier of VDO OE-engineered replacement parts and instrumentation, offers a line of VDO radios for custom car and truck enthusiasts.

This next generation of sound systems are built to deliver exceptional quality, styling, and functionality and come with a heritage of over 81 years of excellence in the world of infotainment. Rugged design and construction make the radios ideal for custom car and truck applications in street, highway cruising, and tough off-road use.

In addition to excellent audio performance, robust construction, and high quality, ease of use is a key design feature. The radios feature a simple and clear design, with large buttons and knobs with rubber grips. VDO radios’ intuitive interface provides straightforward access to a sophisticated range of functions.

Models are available for both 12V and 24V vehicle applications. All of the radios are rugged enough to handle vibration levels of up to 2.7g.

All VDO Radios feature an AUX input for connecting to a music player or smartphone, front panel USB 2.0 input, integrated microphone, dimmable displays, and FM radio with RDS and traffic alerts. A high power internal amplifier and four preset equalizer settings, along with individual treble, bass, and loudness control allow for sophisticated EQ control. All models can play both MP3 and WMAs, and are available with or without Bluetooth. Bluetooth-equipped models can pair up to five phones at once.

Continental offers a VDO radio for every enthusiast: The basic 12 V Tuner with USB, Bluetooth (Model TR711U-BU), 12V Tuner with USB and CD / MP3 (Model CD716U-BU), 12 V Tuner with USB, CD / MP3, and Bluetooth (Model TR712UB-BU) and 12V Tuner with USB, CD / MP3, DAB+ and Bluetooth (Model CDD718UB-BU).

To complete the VDO radio portfolio, Continental also offers VDO 100mm and 130mm speakers. These 2-way coaxial speakers are available with white or black grills and come with mounting kits included. The speakers are designed to deliver excellent and consistently dynamic sound in both indoor and outdoor environments.

A wide range of antennas is also available for the VDO radio line, offering high performance and mounting versatility. The antenna connectors are specifically designed for these VDO radios to optimize reception quality.

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